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Delays happen for all sorts of reasons, most beyond the company’s control like the weather surrounding the airport. At Lakeside Aviation, we will try our very best to be on time every time. In the rare case that your flight is delayed, we have a fresh coffee in our cozy waiting room.

At Lakeside Aviation, your safety is the most important aspect of our air taxi service. Your pilot will make a safe judgement on every part of your flight from before take off to landing. If we decide to postpone the flight, we will offer you a flight at the next available time or day.

We transport cats and dogs on a fairly regular basis. All animals need to be kennelled, so please bring your own kennel because we do not provide them. The price may vary with the size of the kennels from $25 for a small one to the price of a seat for a large one. If you’re not sure on the size or have another type of pet in mind, please contact us.

We can take most of your material for your fishing trip or hunting trip. Our float plane can even accommodate most canoes.

Our baggage limit for scheduled flights is 40lbs per person and it must be stored in the appropriate baggage compartment of the aircraft. The limit can be more flexible on a customized charter flight.

We can organize all types of charters on demand. Call to see if your destination in mind is approved.

You can drive from Winnipeg to Pine Dock by the Highway 8 North and the Road 234. It will take approximately 2 to 3 hours depending on the road conditions (consult the roads conditions before leaving).